Wednesday, November 17, 2010

About Us

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation envisions communities of heart warming hospitality all over the world connected by strong bonds of shared values, hopes, inspirations, imagination and curiosity. We desire and work towards the realization of a prosperous world dominated by loving, caring and compassionate people, where war and strife no longer exist and where food is plentiful and the smiles of humanity shine brighter than the sun itself.

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation is a unique organization whose mission is to build, support and empower teams of youth with capacities to emerge from a life on the streets, drugs and dysfunctional families, to becoming leaders capable of helping themselves and their communities. We are leading a movement that connects youth, educators and communities and empowers them to transform themselves from recipients of information and resources into valuable, contributing members of their communities. We help young people discover and develop their inherent gifts, talents and abilities and support their development as ethically responsible, self-disciplined and creative social citizens capable of participation in a positive and sustainable society.For further details about our very modest efforts, visit our website . You can also link up with us on FACEBOOK

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